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Dog training classes are not for everyone.

Some dogs, and even some owners, can find the whole class environment too daunting and obviously then a class is not the right place to be.  Sometimes a private one to one lesson can get you started before you sign up for a class, or sometimes life is just too busy to commit to a regular slot each week.


For all of the above reasons (plus probably many more!) I do offer a one to one private training service.  During a private lesson we can look at any of the training issues you may have, such as loose lead walking, coming back when called, jumping up etc.  A one to one can also be useful for new puppy owners, when you can have the chance to ask any of the questions that you might not get answered elsewhere.


It is important to stress that a one to one training lesson is not the place to cover behavioural issues.  Obviously behaviour does come into training but if you have a behaviour problem with your dog then it is important to get a full health check with your Veterinary Surgeon, who can then refer you for a behavioural consultation.


The cost of a private one to one training sessions is £60.00 and lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours.   (Mileage charges applicable for 10 miles out of Selby area)

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One To One Training